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Extract #1: Describe "Love"

                With regards to defining words, there is no word as complicated as "affection". There are many definitions given to the word love and the Greeks even had different words for different sorts of affection. However, nobody has had the option to completely define "love". This is on the grounds that "affection" is an emotion and thusly, it accompanies a large number of complexities of its own. In that capacity, it is difficult to arrive at an agreement on its definition. This essay will define "love" via its definition, equivalents, and antonyms.

                Firstly, it is important to check out at the definition of the word. According to the Oxford dictionary, love is defined as "An intense feeling of romantic connection in light of an attraction felt by one individual for another". Accordingly, love is defined as "romantic" which shows that in contemporary times, love is associated with romantic passion. Another important viewpoint to consider here is the emphasis on "attraction". In that capacity, according to this definition, an individual needs to feel an attraction towards another individual for the feeling of adoration to exist in the first spot. It is interesting to take note of that there is no mention of platonic love in this definition...




Passage #2: Describe Your Childhood Room

                Whenever I think of my childhood, the first thing that springs up in my mind is the room I used to possess in my childhood home. That room went about as a sanctuary for me. I could constantly hide in that space to avoid the fury of my dad or the scolding of my mom. I would sit on my bed and play with my most favorite toys. I still recall the bright pink curtains I had constrained my mom to install in my room. These memories drive me into a condition of nostalgia which is the reason this essay will be centered around my childhood room.

                Firstly, I might want to discuss my bed. I had a single bed that was situated in the right-hand corner of my room. I had the bed set against the wall with the goal that I wouldn't tumble off it. My bed was constantly enhanced with pink sheets and I had no less than three pillows on it consistently. My stuffed toys likewise had an exceptionally special spot close to the headboard. The bed used to be shrouded in delicate cotton sheets in the summers and warm, fluffy blankets in the winter. The shade of these blankets generally paired the sheets…

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